Frequently asked questions Osega Lime Juice Powder (FAQ´s)

1.- What ingredients does it contain?

A: 100% Mexican lime “Citrus aurantifolia” (Christm.) type lime, natural essential oil and citric acid.

2.-Does the product contain any antioxidant or some type of preservative?

A: The powder contains maltodextrin and silicone dioxide in minimal amounts to maintain the natural flavor of the lime. 

3.- What is the shelf life and what is the expiration date once hydrated?

A: The shelf life is at least 18 months and once hydrated the product has a shelf life of up to 5 days without refrigeration and up to 8 days refrigerated.

4.- What are its main uses?

A: The product can be used on domestic and an industrial level, either hydrated or powdered. For food service, it is hydrated and 100% lime juice is obtained, it can also be used in a number of applications such as drink mixes, salsas, meat marinades, guacamole, smoothies, desserts, tea, yogurt, salads, seafood, snacks, mayonnaise, facial scrubs and much more.

5.- How much powder or dehydrated lime should I dilute in purified water to obtain 100% lime juice?

A: 1 tbsp plus 5.5 oz (165 ml) of water = 5.5 oz (165 ml) of 100% pure lime juice.

6.- What is the main market?

A: Food service, hotels, restaurants, bakery shops, companies and schools dinning-rooms grocery stores etc.

7.- Who would be our competition and other alternative products?

A: The same natural lime (fruit), bottled lime juices, concentrated lime products and some products with lime flavoring (not natural).

8.- What are the advantages against our competitors and alternative products?

Easy transportation and handling, easy storage, the lime powder does not require refrigeration, requires minimal storage spaces, considerably reduces the amount of garbage and avoids waste of lime peels, does not contain artificial preservatives, is 100% natural, highly competitive in the markets and most importantly, it standardizes and reaffirms the flavor in recipes, whether for drinks, desserts and/or food in general.